Do You Ever Just Struggle With Greetings?

Do you ever just struggle with greetings? I find myself feeling awkward every time I am asked “Hey what’s up?” or “What’s going on?” in passing. Do you actually want to know what’s happening or what’s going on, or do you want my response to be a simple “Not much, how about you?” only to have you reply “Not much.” Seriously? How lame is that? Quite sad if you ask me. Walking past each other on our way to meetings, class, or meals is not when I feel like someone should ask me these questions.

Recently, my responses have been “Hey, how are ya?” instead of replying to their question. Not that you can find out how someone is actually doing by asking while passing each other, but it’s better than ‘not much’ in my opinion. Clearly, something is always up or going on, even if it’s something as silly as ‘oh, just walking to class’. But do people really want to know as they walk by you? My other issue is that I feel rude when I don’t reply. I hear you ask me, I just don’t know how to respond quickly enough as your shoulder meets with mine as we go opposite directions. How can greetings in passing cause so much thought and slight awkwardness?

Stop and have some meaningful conversations when you can. They can go a long way.

Just some thoughts on this lovely Friday. Happy weekend and have some meaningful conversations. Find out what’s actually up. 🙂

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