TBT: 10 Reasons I Loved Being a ‘Sem Kid’ at Stonehill

My first ever college residence hall and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! This is something I wrote while living in the Sem but never shared it. Happy Thursday 🙂

  1. Community: There’s nothing greater than the bond the Sem kids have together because we are isolated from the rest of campus. We get stuck together on snow days. Somehow, we don’t get sick of each other (for the most part).
  2. Megan and Janet: Megan’s sass and Janet’s perkiness are nothing short of a comedy show as they serve you dinner in the Sem caf. They are a dynamic duo. 76
  3. Sem Brunch: Waking up at noon on Saturday and Sunday morning and heading down to get pancakes and crispy cubes from Sem brunch is awesome. People trek across campus for this breakfast.                77
  4. Library: It’s awesome to do homework in your pajamas right downstairs and then head up to bed at 1am when you finally finish your work. It’s especially convenient when you don’t have to go out in the cold! 78
  5. Chapel: Having the Chapel for mass every Tuesday at 9p.m. is great!
  6. Ricky’s emails: Every sem kid looks forward to Ricky’s emails on Thursdays. They’re always hilarious with songs, GIFs, or funny pictures. Thanks Ricky!
  7. Endless Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream: Unlike the commons, the sem always has pints of Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer. It’s so good but so bad at the same time, mostly good. 79
  8. Being close to the Sports Complex, better known as the spoco. We have the shortest walk to the gym. Although, if you don’t go the gym, you might feel a little more guilty because it’s only a two minute walk away. giphy-6
  9. The Walk of Shame is much longer for a sem kid after a night out on the weekend. Some even ask for a campo escort back because it’s too far. Guilt with every step.
  10. We Walk This Path Together! Every sem kid has to deal with the trek to class from as early as 7:30 to get to an 8am or coming back from class that ends at 9pm, rain or shine. A run to the hill for a late night bite is more like a field trip because we are on the opposite side of campus. We all do it.


All of my fellow Sem friends and myself will forever be Sem kids. Sem Love ❤


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