Jumping Into the New School Year

Back at the hill for year two! About a month in! Can I get a HILL YEAH? I hope all college, high school, or any other students are enjoying their year so far back at school. Me, you ask? It’s been great! Some days are stressful, such as yesterday–spending the day in the library until 1am, one of my FAVE things!!! Anyways, this semester for me has been a lot of reading and I’m still adjusting to my schedule, but I’m having a good year so far! I don’t really agree with syllabus week being a breeze, most of my professors just jump right into the work and you need to be ready for it.

The new year brings a series of changes that may be great or upsetting. You see lots of new faces, but hardly see old ones! You live in a new dorm with new people, and have to adjust to simple changes in your everyday routine. A new school year gives you the opportunity to meet new people, take new classes, participate in more clubs, and continue to make your school year and experience all you hope for it to be!

This year feels SO much different than last year for me, in a variety of ways! I’m now living more centrally on campus, which is great for getting places more efficiently. However, my dorm lacks the community feel that I had last year. I don’t even know all of the girls on my floor! My friends and I have made some freshmen friends who ROCK. They bring so much sunshine into my day! Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of the same people as often this year-I miss you!! I’m really enjoying my classes and I’m already tired of dining hall food. But who isn’t?? Despite not seeing old faces, I have so many things to look forward to this year and so many wonderful people to share it with! I have no doubts about having a good year šŸ™‚

Some of my friends are pretty stressed in their adjustment to this year-new responsibilities, heavy workload, and other things going on. I think all of us struggle a little at the start of every new year, change causes that! I hope you all find the courage to persevere and embrace it! It might be just what you need šŸ™‚

I hope this new school year treats you all well, you deserve it!

All my love ā¤


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