The Happiness Project: A Great Read

Just finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: LOVED it. It was inspirational, proving to others that small things can make you happier without having to change your whole life, but you change it without even noticing. I am pretty happy, but it was nice to read of others way I can become happier, if they work for me. Gretchen personally discusses how she wanted to be lighter: don’t get snippy so easily. She wasn’t being carefree necessarily, but she was making less of a deal out of inconveniences. It’s admirable. I liked reading of the ways she looked at things in a different light; she observed her own behaviors and reacted in a way that made her and those around her happier. I especially loved reading this novel because she’s a writer. She discussed creating a blog and her experiences getting feedback from her readers which I was able to relate to; it makes me happy, too.

Check out her blog and read her book if you’re looking for ways to be happy/happier. It’s a great place to start, and maybe even create your own happiness project –>

Would love to hear about what makes you all happy or feel carefree!


Rachel 🙂



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