The Girl Who Will Never Put Down the Pen

I was about to go to bed; I have to get up early for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. That would be denying the person that I want to continue to be: the girl who is not afraid to pick up the pen. I have been, for about the past week, trying everyday to participate in the one word The Daily’s Post challenge, the word for today being transformation. I had busy day today. I looked briefly at WordPress this morning to find what the word for today would be. I read ‘transformation’ before closing my laptop as I headed out to work. I would think about what to write. While pondering what to write inspired by the word transformation, between customers at the ice cream shop and while sitting in the dark during a power outage, I was seemingly having no luck. After going out to dinner with my parents and getting ready to read for the rest of the night, I remembered the blog post again. I opened up WordPress and hit ‘Add’ next to ‘Blog Posts,’, hoping that the blank page would somehow give me an epiphany about what to write on this fourteen letter word. (Because a blank page is what helps writer’s block. Real smart move, Rach.) This was around 9:30. I thought about it while scrolling through Facebook and chatting with my mom. I then decided, “I’ll just skip this one”. Now, at 11pm, just as I was lying in the dark of my bedroom, planning to sleep, I thought of ‘transformation’ again. Finally, it hit me. This might have been a long story for a whole lot of nothing, but take what you will.

When again thinking about what the word transformation means to me as I lie in bed this Thursday night, I thought about my goals as a writer. A while back I had written a blog post called ‘Picking Up the Pen,’ telling my story about a random day in my English class during my junior year of high school that has stuck with me. We were assigned to write in our journal at the beginning of class, and I didn’t pick up my pen; I couldn’t find the courage to share my thoughts on this extraordinary experience we call ‘life’. Since then, I have told myself that I would never stop myself from picking up the pen. I would never stop myself from sharing my thoughts. So, when again confronting the word ‘transformation,’ I thought about how I have transformed into someone who is not afraid to pick up the pen, someone who is never going to put it down. Denying myself writing this post because of temporary writer’s block or lack of ideas would be denying myself the opportunity to continue to be the girl who doesn’t put down the pen. I do not have any intentions of putting it down anytime soon.



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