It’s a Small World?

What makes us all connected? We always say we live in a small world, discovering that someone we know, knows someone else we are friends with. Why does the world seem so big, yet also so small? I feel like there is so much of the world and life that I have yet to explore, but when I finally get the chance to explore, I’ll probably have an unexpected connection. We not only connect through human connection, but how a place or activity makes us feel. We connect to it, relate to it.

I connect with my ability to write–I can write in any part of the world, explaining how  feel in a way that feels real and raw for me. I connect with horses when I ride. I connect with the music when I dance. I connect with friends who I have a mutual friend with. I connect with other blogger’s stories if I can relate it to my life.

I feel like I connect to almost everyone and everything around me in some way, yet feel like there’s so much I have yet to connect with.

Readers, what do you connect with? What do you hope to connect with in your future?


3 thoughts on “It’s a Small World?

  1. Life is all about a series of connections and how each person makes an impact in the existence of others and things. It’s that connection the gives life meaning. It’s hard for me to determine one thing I would like to connect with since I cherish and enjoy all of my current connections. 🙂

    Well done.

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