What it Means to be a Resident of B32

“Are you sure?” Bobby, my roommate, asks as I walk in my room in my towel after a shower as he watches a movie in my room with Heather, my roommate. He always offers to step out of the room. After so many times, it becomes no biggie.

I laugh. “Just turn around, it’ll only take me a minute to change.” Bobby lays down on Heather’s bed with his face in her pillow while I quickly get dressed. Two minutes later comes on a knock on the door.

“There’s Coia!” Heather says. She opens the door and Coia (Rachel), my roommate, opens saying, “Hello friends! How’s everyone doin’?”

“Good!” we reply in unison. We all go back to what we were doing, finding comfort in the four of us always occupying a room meant for two.

Did I mention that I had three roommates? Three people made my first year extra special who occupied my room the most, even though only one was my official roommate. We call ourselves the four Residents of B32.

My official roommate, Heather, and I were not the only two people who lived in our double. Although we were the only two who slept the night in the room (Bobby took an occasional nap or two in the room…or thirty), we were not our only roommates to each other. In addition to us, our best friends Rachel and Bobby spent 99% of our freshmen year in our room. We were the four roommates of Sem B32.

It is something special to be a Resident of B32. My fellow residents are there for me without fail. We support each other when we need a good cry (whether it be from the stress of finals or watching Marley and Me), or when we need a good laugh. Fortunately, there are usually more laughs than there are tears. Being a resident of B32 means laughing along with your roommate when she flicks her shoelace in her eye, or when he pronounces things in a Jersey accent (we love you, Bobby). It means being there for each other. It means being around for the good and the bad. It means accepting the fact that your roommate likes to eat a granola bar at midnight when her stomach growls, or that she will laugh hysterically at any episode of The Office even though she’s seen every episode more than once. You accept the little things about each other. You love them despite the fact that they try and ask questions when watching a movie they haven’t seen, or when they tag you in Facebook videos while you’re trying to study. In addition, you always approve or disapprove outfits choices when your roomie isn’t sure if they like what they’re wearing.

I have become closer with these three from being in close quarters with them more than anyone (a double isn’t that big!). But, it’s so great! We know each other’s likes, dislikes, when they’ll arrive at our room after getting out of class, or when they need us to get them dinner because they have class. “Do you want a chicken and cheese quesadilla, Bobby?”

We encourage each other to get our asses off the comfort of our beds and go to Zumba (We need to be there for the “Two jumps” to Fireball!). It’s a perfect balance of reminding each other to “Treat yo self,” but also tag along when one of us goes to the gym because we want a good workout. Bobby tells me to “Treat yo self,” more than he comes to the gym with me. I still love you, Bobby.

Although Bobby and Rachel might not be around for Heather and I’s midnight roomie chats, they are just as much our roomies as we are to each other. We would not be the Residents of B32 without them. Despite Bobby again being a Sem resident next year as a Moreau Student Minister, and Rachel and I living in a double in Boland with Heather across the hall, we will always be the Residents of B32. I will always find comfort in sharing a room with the three of you, even if it can’t be Sem B32 again. Boland 312 and 321, we’re coming for you.




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