Endless “Thank you”s

The first person I owe thanks to is my mother. My friend, my role model, my rock, my person. Her undying love and support for me at every moment of my life makes me continue to have a positive outlook on life, and work hard and try new things, knowing she will always have my back. She is fun-loving, talkative, incredibly friendly, and most loving woman I know. I wouldn’t want it any other way. My mother can read me like a book. She always helps me in any way she can when I need her. We fight like any other mother and daughter do, but we always make up, usually by one of us saying “Can we be done fighting now?” She knows that every human makes mistakes. I can never thank her enough for her unwavering love and care for me. My mom is my rock, my person who is willing to listen to any story, rant, or joke I may have. She is one of a kind.

My dad. My hero, my rock, the kindest man I have ever met. His gentle smile and warm heart make me smile in the darkest of times. Although mostly quiet, sometimes the simplest of sentences of encouragement from my dad make all of the difference in the world. He takes care of my mom and I like there’s no tomorrow. His undying love and care for me is something that is special. He is incredibly hard-working, more like a workaholic, but I admire that about him. He always works to do his best, something I aspire to do as well as he does. My dad and I are so much alike, I love being able to share in some of the same things with him. He is a proud dad. I’m honored to be someone he is proud of.

My best friend, Lizzie. She is there for me always, without fail. No matter what she has going on in her own life, she always made time to be here for me in my times of need. (And believe me, a girl needs her best friend quite often.) Lizzie has a heart of gold, her intentions are always pure, and she looks out for me always. I am not sure what my life would be like if I didn’t have her for the past thirteen years as my best friend. (I don’t know how she hasn’t gotten sick of me yet 😉 ) Lizzie is there for me when it feels like I am trudging through hell, or when I stumble over my words I am so excited. Having a best friend like her is something extraordinary.

My horseback riding instructor, Maura. Her confidence in me and encouragement is who helped me become the person I am today. She pushes me a little further when I hesitate, knowing I can achieve something if I find the courage. She has helped to make me strong and hold my own, and not afraid to be tough once in awhile. Although she taught me this with horses and horseback riding, it’s affected my life outside the barn. I stand up for myself, and do not let people walk all over me. I encourage others to try their hardest, because that’s what I appreciate being done for me.

Two of my high school teachers, Miss Hamilton and Mrs. Pine. These two women were not only teachers for me, but advisors and mentors. Miss Hamilton is one of the kindest women I know. She always made learning fun, and is always interested my life outside of class and would go out of her way to make my day better. Mrs. Pine, my confidant in my junior year of high school. I took pre-calculus with her; I remember thinking about dropping into the college prep level instead of taking honors, but I am so happy I didn’t. I spent an hour everyday with Mrs. Pine in her classroom after school, either preparing for tests, or simply doing the homework and getting her help whenever I needed it. She never let me give up in trying to solve a problem. She wanted me to do my best. Both of these women talked to me about life, and I love going back to my high school to visit them.

My religion professor in my first year of college, Professor Lanci. He has helped me learn so much about life and who I am without having to tell me anything directly. He teaches us so much about religion and life that allows me to reflect on my beliefs and what makes me the person I am today. I have accepted things about myself and found a greater confidence in who I am thanks to him and this class. Even though we were in a classroom, he taught me endless things about life outside of it. I admire how confident he is in who he is, and his adversity and strength in any battle.

These are only a few of the many people in my life that I owe endless thanks; it important to remind myself of how lucky I am to have these people in my life or have the opportunity to learn from them.


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