World Created in Our Cell Phones


I found this picture on Facebook the other day, and I love it. As you might have noticed from my previous post on living in the moment, I think our forgetting about living for the experience is caused by our addiction to social media. *Disclaimer: I am part of this culture and I am not judging anyone* I have recently written a paper on this for my religion class regarding an idea of a social media cleansing ritual. Many teens today spend so much time on their cell phone. This picture depicts our generation; we invite friends over and we end up spending the entire time physically in the same room, but mentally in different worlds created in our cell phones. We spend so much time missing out on experiences because we are staring at our phones. It hinders actual face to face conversation, and from truly living. My friends and I seem to care more about what other people are doing and posting on Instagram or tweeting, rather than our physical friend in the room with us. Why do we get so wrapped up in other peoples’ lives rather than focusing on our own?

Anytime I talk about this issue in our society, I always reference concerts. People watch entire concerts through their cell phones because they want a video posted of each song on their Snapchat stories. You’re missing out on the actual concert because you want other people to know you’re at it. What’s more important: posting about it on social media to show others the great night you’re having or actually experiencing the great night? I think the second option is the right answer. Some people may say that you have pictures as a memory to look back on the event, but I think actually being a part of the event and truly experiencing it trumps any video or picture you may have from it. Check out the elderly woman in the picture below; that’s how we should all be living. We need to live for the experience. (Ironically, I found that on Twitter even though I’ve been arguing to use social media less and live for the experience)

religion paper old woman


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