Just a little post to appreciate some of my best friends. We went to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday that’s on Saturday. They are all so wonderful in their own ways.

Rachel, the person who makes me squared (one of our nicknames is Rachel Squared). She is always smiling and never fails to bring light and positivity into my day. Our jokes and ‘just Rachel things’ are what get me through the hard days. A day isn’t the same without Rachel Coia. She always is there for me if I fall (including literally when I broke my ankle last semester). Thanks for being my best friend. ❤

Heather, my roommate and one of my closest friends! She puts up with my endless talking when we both really just want to go to sleep, always there to listen about the little or big things. I truly lucked out getting her as my roommate. My first year at Stonehill would not be the same without her in it!

Karyn, one of my close friends at Stonehill! She is so kind and never fails to make me smile. Her smile is so bright that it lights up a room. I love how she yells my name down the hall as she heads to my room if she hasn’t seen me for a couple of days!

Brody, my neighbor down the hall! I love hearing her shouting at the TV watching the Pats games, and love when she stop by Heather and I’s room. She’s so funny and such a great friend!

Bobby, my third roommate and one of my good friends. Bobby’s stories (sometimes told more than once), Netflixing instead of doing homework, and his phrase “Have a wonderful night” when he leaves my room always make me laugh, stress for him, or smile as I reply “Goodnight!” Bobby is always there for me and always happens to be the one to see me do stupid things, mostly dropping everything I touch. Thanks for always laughing with me at my silliness 🙂

Peter (not pictured who couldn’t come), my fellow English major friend. Pete always lets me talk incessantly or annoy him with no complaints. I love spending afternoons doing homework together and that I can count on him to read my papers. He’s there for me more than he knows. He is so kind and such a great friend.

Allison (not pictured who couldn’t come), my BFF. We have been best friends since high school and work together, along with both going to Stonehill. She was so helpful with any questions about Stonehill (she’s a sophomore), and always has the greatest ideas for summer adventures. I am so lucky to have a friend like her who deals with silliness and endless chatter on a daily basis.

Jimmy, snapchat king and one of my best friends. Jimmy never fails to make Rachel and I laugh, almost always until we’re both crying. Jimmy is always a ray of sunshine with a heart of gold. He is up for an adventure anytime! I like how he laughs at my sarcastic jokes. My Stonehill experience would be so boring without Jimmy Copp.

I am so lucky to have my such great friends in my first year at Stonehill. Looking forward to celebrating more birthdays with them 🙂

Thank you to the Dance Floor

Dear Dance Floor,

Blood. Blisters. Bruises.

You’re probably wondering why I am thanking you for that. Why I am thankful for the blood, sweat, tears, and pain that I experience as a dancer. There’s not much that I love more.

The dance floor has been my escape for a long time: an escape from stress, school, and everything and anything in between. No matter how sharp or perfected the choreography may be, just getting on the dance floor to express my feelings in a language I love is something I am eternally thankful for. Dance is an unexplainable form of self-expression. Dance makes me feel something, truly feel something. It helps me to stop bottling up my feelings and make myself face what I have been ignoring. I lose myself in the music and the dance moves and sometimes it’s hard to come back and face reality. You as a dance floor allow me to do this.

It’s not always the dance moves, sometimes it’s the workouts. The long core and ab workouts that make me want to give up because I’m in so much pain and sweating to no end. I get so sick of staring at the scratched wood floor while I hold that plank for a minute, or when I hate the floor because I can’t let my feet touch it when I scissor my legs. Despite this pain and frustration, I push through. Feel it. I love the soreness the next day. I know I worked hard.

Every dancer most likely has experienced their share of drama in their studios, but it’s hard to escape from. As annoying and silly as it all was, you helped us to come together and make something beautiful despite our differences. Everyone can work together on the floor. You are the glue that holds dancers together. You help to make the team.

You as a dance floor allow every dancer to take their everything they are feeling is taken on out you. You deal with scrapes, nicks, and pounding feet along with many other things. You allow someone to express themselves in a way that other people can’t. You make the world of a difference in the life of a dancer.

I look forward to smashing the floor and perfecting my pirouettes on you in the future. I might throw in a few new scratch marks or nicks with my tap shoes, too.

All my love,