Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some of you may hate this day because you’re single, some of you may embrace being single on this day, and some of you probably bought chocolates, jewelry or something special for your significant other. Me, you ask? I came home for the day and spent Valentine’s Day with my parents. They’re pretty great Valentines, if you ask me.

I am writing this today to remind all of you that you need to love yourself. Today is not the day meant for couples, it’s meant for people to show everyone they love how much they love them, including yourself. Be proud of who you are. If not, become someone you would be proud of. Love yourself and it will feel better when someone else loves you. Some say others can’t love you until you love yourself.

Also, a reminder for people that today is not the only day to tell people how much you love them. You do not necessarily need to get someone chocolate or jewelry every time you tell them you love them, but let them know you care. Today is not the only day to love everyone a little extra and treat them. Do it more often. If you’re calling them your Valentine, or you love them, they must be pretty important in your daily life. Tell them that.

I hope all of you had a Valentine’s Day filled with love and laughter. Make everyday like today. ❤


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