Picking Up the Pen

In my English class in my junior year of high school, my teacher once gave us a journal assignment to start the class off titled “Life.” I paused, realizing I was at a roadblock and didn’t know what to write. What to write about my life, or life in general. I realized how many different aspects there are to life. It’s everyday tasks, exciting events like concerts and dance performances. It’s everything you do, every moment of your life. Life is so mysterious and full of surprises. I could write about anything, and not one thing in particular could come to mind. What could I write about? I feel as though sometimes everything we are asked to write in our lives feels so concrete and specific, that when it comes to being free to do or say what we like, we can’t fathom any thought of our own. Throughout high school, each paper or assignment you do has a specific prompt, or set of directions you need to follow in order to receive a good grade, leaving no room for creativity. Creativity is a beauty of life that needs more exploration. People need to stop living in fear about what others will think of what they have to say. Write about the first thing that comes to mind. Say it. No matter what it is, just say it. Those around you may find it an incredible idea, disagree with you, or simply not understand what you mean. Either way, just talk, write, and say what you know, feel, or desire. I’ve written notes so often on various topics that pop into my head, because I wanted to eventually find the courage to share them, which recently began with this blog. Yet, while slouching in English class, thoughts of what to write started running through my mind, but I didn’t pick up the pen. I can tell myself that I didn’t think what I wanted to write was what the teacher was expecting for the prompt, or it wasn’t school appropriate. But the teacher wouldn’t have cared, and it was just fine for school.

I should have picked up the pen.

Feeling Alive

Ever feel like you’re truly alive? When you’re apart of something so big and so incredible that it sends chills down your entire body? I had that this past summer. I have never felt so alive.

In July, I went to the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour concert at Gillette Stadium. You’re probably thinking “Wow, this is the big moment where she felt alive?” I swear it was amazing, whether you are a Taylor Swift fan or not.

As some of you may know, Swift had a guest performer at each of her concerts. My night had Walk the Moon perform their hit song Shut Up and Dance with Taylor. Nothing short of amazing if I do say so myself. There was quite a bit of buildup to who would come on the stage to sing with the famous T-Swift. The screaming and jumping that the crowd responded with when she announced Walk the Moon was unbelievable. I am pretty sure I stepped on my friend’s feet next to me at least 20 times because I jumped throughout the entire experience.

It’s hard to put into words this feeling, feeling so alive and so free. I have never felt anything like this before. Each person at the concert got a bracelet that lit up the same colors to the beat of the music. Shut Up and Dance in and of itself makes me feel good, but live, with Taylor Swift, and 60,000 people singing along? Pretty epic if you ask me. As Taylor Swift and Walk the Moon sang Shut Up and Dance, the crowd was ecstatic, everyone screaming the lyrics and jumping up and down, hands up in the air with everyones’ bracelet lighting up the same colors to the beat of the music. I felt like I was experiencing something that I was truly apart of; I could not keep the smile off of my face if I tried.

It’s kind of strange, describing feeling alive at one moment, when we are literally living every single day. I guess it’s different- living and feeling alive. I hope one day you all find this feeling. A feeling that makes you truly feel alive, however that may be. Maybe a feeling you cannot put into words. Strive for that everyday. Feel alive.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some of you may hate this day because you’re single, some of you may embrace being single on this day, and some of you probably bought chocolates, jewelry or something special for your significant other. Me, you ask? I came home for the day and spent Valentine’s Day with my parents. They’re pretty great Valentines, if you ask me.

I am writing this today to remind all of you that you need to love yourself. Today is not the day meant for couples, it’s meant for people to show everyone they love how much they love them, including yourself. Be proud of who you are. If not, become someone you would be proud of. Love yourself and it will feel better when someone else loves you. Some say others can’t love you until you love yourself.

Also, a reminder for people that today is not the only day to tell people how much you love them. You do not necessarily need to get someone chocolate or jewelry every time you tell them you love them, but let them know you care. Today is not the only day to love everyone a little extra and treat them. Do it more often. If you’re calling them your Valentine, or you love them, they must be pretty important in your daily life. Tell them that.

I hope all of you had a Valentine’s Day filled with love and laughter. Make everyday like today. ❤

Lost at Sea

She’s falling for him

Him and those big blue eyes saying he commits no sins

She gets lost in them like a sailor out at sea

Unable to figure out how to leave

He’s like a giant wave that she can’t overcome

Consuming her like a bullet into a gun

Part of her wants to stay

Believing that maybe he’d change

Deep down she knows it’s a lost cause

But those eyes make her believe he’s not gone

She’s loved him for too long

Afraid to let go, she’s held on too strong

He consumes others like he did her

Like when a wave reaches the shore and is pulled back for more

Deep down she knows it’s too good to be true

How can she let go when he’s all she knew?