“New year, new me”

If you’re like me, you’re probably rolling your eyes at this blog title. People like to use the new year as an excuse to say they’ll become a new person. That’s not what a New Year’s Resolution is for. A New Year’s resolution is meant for someone to give themselves a starting date for a new goal, something they wish they did in the previous year. A new year is not meant to be a time when you completely change. If someone truly does not like who they are, they could make the change as soon as they want to. They don’t need a new date to do that. In fact, no one needs a new year to start setting goals. However, I think having a set date and making a resolution gives someone determination to start their resolution as the new year begins.

Making this blog was not a New Year’s resolution for me; I just did it. In fact, I did it six days into the new year. January 6, 2016 is the day I created this blog. Here are some helpful tips and motivators for a variety of goals:

  1. Exercising? Here’s my work out jam that always gets me off my bed. Start with jumping jacks or a jog to the mailbox. Headphones in now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JCLY0Rlx6Q
  2. Eating healthy? Try eating almonds or cashews when you need a snack instead of potato chips. Replace soda and energy drinks with ice water.
  3. Simply working harder to achieve your goals? Motivation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXsQAXx_ao0
  4. Being happy? Read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
  5. Reaching out to old friends? Pick up the phone and call them. “Hey, would you like to get together for coffee on Saturday? I miss you.”
  6. Less time on social media? Delete the apps or log out for a certain amount of time each day and dedicate that time to something else. Live in your world rather than aimlessly reading about everyone else’s.
  7. Apply to college? https://www.commonapp.org
  8. To do something kind? Treat the person behind you in line for their coffee at Dunkin Donuts, hold the door open for someone, or ask the person working in the cube next to you how their weekend was when you see them bright and early Monday morning at the office.

You do not need a new year to start working on your goals. Start now. Literally right now. Go.


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